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Freddie ( the 1st part)

Freddie the Frog sits on the log. He does not eat. He does not drink. He does not jump. He does not think. He sits only.

Sammy the Squirrel stops at the pond. Sammy looks into the water. “My red fur looks good today, doesn’t it?” says Sammy the Squirrel.

 “Yes, it does, “says Freddie the Frog.

“Do you want to look like me?”  , asks Sammy the Squirrel. “No”, says Freddy the Frog.” I look all right for the frog”.

“But look at you”, says Sammy the Squirrel. “You are all green. You are a poor thing”. Sammy the Squirrel laughs and runs away.

Freddy the Frog sits on a log.

Johnny the Rabbit stops at the pond. Johnny looks into the water.

“My white fur looks good today, doesn’t it?”, says Johnny the Rabbit. ” Yes, it does”, says Freddie the Frog.

“Do you want to look like me?” asks Johnny the Rabbit. “No”, says Freddie the Frog. “I look all right for the frog”

“But look at you”, says Johnny the Rabbit. “You are all green. You are a poor thing.” Johnny the Rabbit laughs and runs away.

Freddie the Frog sits on a log and cries.

Florence the Wise Owl flies by. She stops at the pond. She looks at the Freddie the Frog.

“Why are you crying?”

“I am crying because I am not red like Sammy, white like Johnny. I am green, green!” cries the Frog.

“Just stop crying, because I’ll give you some good advice.”

“I will be very thankful to you.”

  • Look around you. What color are the leaves?
  • Green.
  • What color is the grass?
  • Green.
  • What color are the bushes?
  • Green.
  • What color is your pond?
  • Green.

-All right. Stop crying and listen to me. There is green in each leaf on every tree. Green is the best color.

Florence the Wise Owl flies away and Freddie the Frog begins to croak.

“Croak, croak, croak! Croak, croak, croak!

Green is the best color! I am nice too!”

Ways of holiday-making

If you are tired of your usual holiday routine, there are many things you can vary it.

People say there’s nothing to compare with a camping holiday. Be prepared for damp, mosquitoes and beetles. This sort of holiday teaches the young how to survive, and strangely enough they seem to enjoy it.

A walking holiday, in good weather with a pleasant companion or two, will do you better than any other. Select your shoes carefully. If you are not a professional, don’t try to do more than thirty or forty miles a day.

The seaside is good for most people, but definitely bad for some. Take the sun and the sea gradually, and don’t stay on the beach for too long. There is nothing better for giving you vitality and energy to keep you going through the winter.

A winter holiday is probably even better for you than a summer one. You need it more at that time of the year.

Once you learnt to ski, you can go on doing it to a very advanced age, as long as you don’t do it too strenuously and break a leg. If this happens it will take a long time to heal and you may never be able to ski again.

There are many other things to do besides skiing. Skating is amusing, and not at all difficult to learn.





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