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The Parrot Likes To Learn English

Andriy likes to learn English. Polly likes to learn English too. Polly is a nice big parrot. When Andriy does his English lessons Polly is in his room. The bird listens to the boy and repeats the words.

One day two girls come to see Andriy. They are Andriy’s friends. Polly see them and say in English:”Go away1” The girls know English. They don’t like the Polly’s words. They look at Andriy. He is angry with Polly. The boy asks it to stop talking. But Polly says and says: “Go away, go away!”

Then the girls say :”Very well, let’s go!” They say “Good bye” to Andriy and Polly and go away.

Andriy doesn’t know what to do. Then he says:” Polly, you should be nice with my friends. When they come, say, “How do you do, my friends? Come in, come in, please!”

Polly likes the words. It says them many times. Andriy listens to the bird and say:”That’s right, that’s right!”

Whae Andriy’s friends come to see him again Plooy says:”How do you do, friends? Come in, come in, please!”

The girls like the Polyy’s words very much. They say:”Well, Polly, you are a good parrot.”

And Polly says:”That’s all right, that’s all right!”




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