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My summer holidays

1. Summer is the best time of the year.

2. Pupils don’t go to school and have summer holidays.

3. I had a good rest in June, July and August.

4. My friends and I went to the river every day.

5.  We swam, bathed, lay in the sun, played volley-ball and badminton.

6. When the weather was hot we went to the café to drink lemonade and to eat ice – cream.

7. I visited many interesting places and towns during summer.

8. I saw much new and made many new friends in summer.

9. I played computer games, listened to music, watched many new films.

10. I visited my grandmother in the village and helped her about the house and in the garden.

11.  In August I prepared for the new school year and bought all necessary things.

12. I had fun and enjoyed my summer holidays very much.


Vacations  1. All people enjoy summer holidays very much. 2. Everyone needs at least one holiday a year. 3. It’s a great pleasure to have a rest after the whole year of hard work or study. 4. In my opinion there are many different ways of spending summer holidays. 5. It depends on person, on his culture, education, age, social level and personal tastes. 6. So when you begin to think about the sun and the sea or the green countryside there is no doubt you are ready for a holiday. 7. People like to travel during vacations. 8. Some people go abroad to see new countries, some people prefer to go to the country to enjoy nature far from noisy cities. 9. Other people like staying at home doing nothing but watching TV and playing computer games. 10. Some people like to spend vacations in cities, visiting theatres, museums and going sightseeing. 11. But the best rest is at the seaside. 12. Sea and sunshine – that is what we look forward to every summer. 13. We can swim, sunbathe, go fishing, boating, do sport, go to the mountains. 14. We can rest and sleep as much as we like. 15. You can stay at hotels, rest – homes, sanatoriums, tourist camps or rent a room. 16. It’s good if you have enough money to spend them on your food, entertainment, excursions and buying souvenirs. 17. Don’t miss the chance to make new friends, communicate with different people, learn new things. 18. The time flies very quickly on holidays. 19. But if you had a good rest in summer you are full of energy and ready to work and study. 20. As for me I prefer to …in summer.


Test on the topic “Summer holidays” for the 7th form (new program)

Task 1. Match the words.

1.  to have a good rest                             а) знайти багато нових друзів

2.  to visit places of interest                    б) бігати підтюпцем вранці

3. to go to the country to see granny       в) подорожувати міжміським автобусом

4. to swim and to lie in the sun                г) купити необхідні речі

5.  to enjoy the holidays                           д) мати хороший відпочинок

6. to dream about adventures                    е) плавати і засмагати

7. to travel by coach                                 є) поїхати в село побачитися з бабусею

8. to make many new friends                    ж) відвідувати цікаві місця

9. to jog in the morning                             з) насолоджуватися канікулами

10.  to buy necessary things                       и) мріяти про пригоди

Task 2.  Find the odd word.

1) interesting, beautiful, wonderful, boring, nice.

2) travelling, bathe, swim, play, sunbathe.

3) people, visitors, pupils, children, cinema.

4) coach, ice – cream, bus, train, plane.

5) sunny, warm, hot, cold, fine.

6) football field, theatre,  museum,  art gallery, cinema.

Task 3.  Match the sentences from dialogues.

  1. Do you have any plans for the summer holiday?      a) Sure! You can visit The Big

                                                                                           Ben and the Tower!

  1. Actually, I'm going to go down to London.              b) Yes, I'm very lucky. My friend

                                                                      has a flat in the centre of the capital.

  1. I wonder... is there anything worth                          c) Really? Why would you go to  

     seeing in London?                                                         London?                                                                                                                        

     4. Do you have a place to stay in London?                     d) I'm planning on sleeping all

                                                                                               day! And what about  you?


Task 4. Answer the questions about summer rest.

  1. What are the summer months?
  2. Do the pupils go to school in summer?
  3. Do you have much homework in summer?
  4. What is your favourite season of the year? Why?
  5. What can  people do in  summer?
  6. When did you get up in the morning in summer?
  7. What did you have for breakfast in the morning?
  8. What did you do when the weather was very hot?
  9. What places did you visit during holidays?
  10. What games did you play in summer?
  11. Did you go to the rest camp? Why?
  12. Did you make new friends on holidays?
  13. Can you describe your holidays in five words?
  14. How do you dream to spend your next summer?


Task 5.

               Write a letter to your English friend and tell him about                                                        

                   the best summer holidays in  your life.




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