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I am a cheerful sociable person.

My sister is a talkative energetic girl.

This boy is honest and polite.

The pupil is very forgetful and optimistic.

Children are energetic and active.

My sister’s friend is polite but lazy.

We are easy-going people.

I think I am not mean.

My brother is not a talkative person, he is shy.

Our teacher is a very kind and serious woman.

My grandmother is a generous person.

I don’t like very talkative people.

It’s good if you are hard-working and kind.

It is not good to live with selfish people.

This man is not aggressive, he is helpful and reliable.

Do you like generous children?

Is your mother an emotional woman?

Are you a “lark” or an ”owl” ?

Have you easy-going friends?

Is this boy brave? Yes, he is

Does your sister have neat exercise-books?

Are you polite or impolite with your teachers?

Are the girls of our class good friends?

Do the children like to read adventurous books?

Was your brother shy when he was little?

Were you untidy or neat in the first ( 1st ) form?

Do you want to be a reliable friend? Yes, I do

Many pupils in our class are clever and active.

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