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both … and …

I like both cats and dogs.


Jane likes cats. So do I.

not … either

Jane doesn't like cats. I don't like cats either.

either … or …

Jane either has a cat or a dog.


Jane doesn't like cats. Neither do I./Nor do I.

neither … nor …

I like neither cats nor dogs.

Начало формы

Exercise 1. Choose the proper response (neither, either, nor, or)

1. He doesn't like ____one of those bands.
2. Neither my brother ___ my mother knows about this.
3. He _____ has a cat or a dog. I can't remember.
4. Neither my brother ______ ready to go.
5. I'm thinking of travelling to either Argentina ___Brazil.

6. ____Bob nor his sister is going to the conference.

7.                 Peter             Mary could go to the party.

8.  Julian told me that I could                have a vacation             take a day off. What a pity!

9.                       you learn hard                you'll fail in your exam.
10. I was so shocked that I could                   laugh                cry.
11.                      Frank                        his neighbour has the key of the letterbox. We don't know where it is.

12. I can’t ….. speak ….read French.

Exercise 2. Find out why some parents think that their teenage sons or daughters have a lot in common with cats. (Don't take it too seriously, though.) Translate into Ukrainian:

  1. Neither cats nor teenagers turn their heads when you call them.
  2. You would hardly ever see a cat walking outside of the house with its master. Nor would you see a teenager in public with his or her parents very often.
  3. A cat doesn't share your taste in music. A teenager doesn't either.
  4. Both cats and teenagers can lie on the sofa for hours on end without moving.
  5. Cats expect you to prepare the food for them. So do teenagers.
  6. If you tell a joke, neither your cat nor your teen will laugh about it.
  7. If you make a sudden move in their direction, both cats and teenagers get frightened.
  8. Cats do not improve your furniture. Teenagers don't either.
  9. Cats roam outside and often come home very late at night. So do teenagers.
  10. Conclusion: no matter if you either have a cat or a teenager at home - it's all the same.


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