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On Sunday

It is autumn. It is October. Tom and Mary go to school. They have a little sister Kate. She is four. She doesn’t go to school.

They are good children. They help their father and mother every day.

On Sunday the family is at home. In the morning the mother usually does the cooking. The father and Tom do shopping. Kate walks the dog. His name is Rex. The dog is the good children’s friend. He likes to walk with children.

At 12 o’clock the family has dinner. Little Kate feeds the dog Rex. She likes to feed the pet and she does it every day. After dinner Mary does the washing-up. She doesn’t do the washing-up every day. Then she does the ironing, the mother sweeps the floor in the kitchen, the father and Tom fix things at home, Kate waters the plants. She doesn’t tidy up the room because she is a little girl. The mother opens the windows and airs the rooms. Then all the family tidies up the flat.

In the evening they walk the pet, play computer games and watch TV.


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